Einstein's theory

of relativity in new physical model

or theory of the matter and the parallel worlds

This work gives the beginning to consolidation of

theory of relativity, and quantum physics

to general theory.

Republic Belarus, c. Minsk

Dear readers.

 This site is restoration of website www.poshelaev.nm.ru. At the first time, it was published in 2002 year in internet. Because of reasons not depending on the author, the website was shut down by Internet service. Since I walked away fromphysics problems, I didn't catch sight of closing of my site.

In recent years, physics had significant discoveries. Accidentally I have acquainted myself with them and realized that my theoretical work was correct, and it outran time of 2002. It was also clear that the results andknowledge developed by me are ahead of today's official science for many decades. Therefore, I decided to revive my work in the press, and to show the reader which parts of the work have been confirmed by the new discoveries in physics. Also I want briefly explain the reasons because of which I could not print my work in the scientific press. About these, it will be written below.

Let's consider the main points of coincidences of my work with the main momentous results in physics obtained in recent years.

The first result is the discovery of the Higgs boson. Honor of discovery belongs to Mr. Higgs (Peter Ware Higgs).

Before to the opening of this elementary particle, I published a scientific work in 2002, which describes the basic laws of the special theory of relativity in a new physical model. In this model, I introduced the concept of existence for elementary mass to explain the postulates of special relativity and the nature of time that Einstein could not explain. In addition, I was looking for a model that would explain the nature of the origin of Newton's force, the nature of the origin of gravitational forces, and so on. All this has been found in a simple manner in new model of elementary mass. It was supposed there is existence of a microscopic object that is an elementary mass, and its existence must was provided with help of micro-flow of energy coming from a parallel space. I named this micro-flow like micro-flow of time. So, I tied the time with latent (hidden) energy, and showed that all the matter in our world exists inside of a real moment of time, and from this I got the general conclusion of the work relative to time. Essence of this conclusion is next. None past or future time for the matter (fabric) of our world exist, that is our world does not have the past and future time as physical essence. We all exist in this instant of time between the past and the future. The past time is going away and does not exist. The future time (the future moment of time) will take place in the future when we will live into it. Therefore, the space-time model proposed by Einstein - is not true for our world. About this and other conclusions of the work, you can read in the published parts in detail.

All these were done in 2002, long before the official discovery of the Higgs boson. Note that I was never interested by the physics of elementary particles, so I did not know that in physics of elementary particles, Mr. Higgs predicted the existence of this particle. But to create a physical model, which could reach the goal and combine the ideas of absolute space supporters and followers of Einstein's theory, I had to enter elementary mass and describe a number its macroscopic properties. Therefore, the discovery of the Higgs boson actually confirmed the correctness of this model proposed by me.

The second result is an experimental development of the idea of de Broglie about the pilot wave to explain the quantum effects of the elementary particles. It is for me the most important result in experimental physics and it stimulated me to restore the publication of my work.

Comment. Dear readers, before moving on to a further presentation I want to pre-apologize you for all the criticism of my unconventional point of view about physics, and to relations between scientists, which will be described here, if you deems it offensive for yourself. Be tolerant and noble people, if you do not agree with my personal position outlined below.

At the beginning of the first part of the work in 2002 on the Internet, I wrote that the whole work is based on the further development of the ideas of de Broglie about wave properties of matter. But I could not imagine that for professionals of physics need to further disclose and describe the idea of de Broglie in detail. As it is known, de Broglie proposed a model of the wave properties of material particles and the theory of the pilot wave to explain the quantum properties of elementary particles. The theory of the pilot wave is a further development of the understanding of the wave nature of the material particles and for me it was an integral part of the de Broglie's idea, not a separate idea. How my work was merged with the theoretical work of de Broglie? Initially, I set a goal to get an explanation of the postulates of special relativity, etc. I was never interested in quantum physics of elementary particles. I was interested only in the general properties of matter, to bring the special theory of relativity to a new level. To explain these properties I had to use the idea of a pilot de Broglie waves. It takes place because a detailed analysis of the Lorentz transformations brought me to the only conclusion: all matter in our world has a hidden movement. It has the speed of light in the form of a micro-flows passing through the elementary particles of our world. Based on this idea I created a new wave model of elementary particles, and it was based on the idea of a pilot wave de Broglie waves.

But at that time I did not allocate it as separate moment for the reader, because I was aware that experts of the theory of relativity know nothing about quantum effects. It would not be interesting for them. Now, however, physicists in laboratories established mechanical model of the pilot wave, and it has an exciting coincidence with my model that was proposed in the first part of the work in 2002. Since the mechanical model of the pilot wave completely describes all the quantum effects of the elementary particles, I can openly say that my work is a bridge that unites the general laws of classical physics and the theory of relativity with the nature of a microcosm of elementary particles.

Let's pass over to comparison between the now existing variants of artificial simulation of the pilot wave in laboratories, and elementary mass model described by me in the model proposed in 2002. The authors that created a pilot waves in the laboratory are very much, but I will refer to examples of video films published on the Internet at youtube.com. Since I walked away from theoretical physics, I noticed these films only in 2016. The coincidence of the physical process of walking balls with my model is just amazing. Therefore, gentlemen of the followers of Einstein's theory, my model is correct how would you are not ignored it. The only thing I regret is that I could not print all the material fully. There are several reasons for this. About they will be written below.

The samples of the films, I have chosen by chance. Therefore, I apologize to the authors of these remarkable films if I made a mistake with their authorship. Or if I did not notice someone's more original movies than suggested there. Let's consider the films and reveal the essence of coincidences between the movies and the model proposed by me. Look at the first video «The pilot-wave dynamics of walking droplets. Authors are Daniel M. Harris John W.M. Bush.

See www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmC0ygr08tE




Download the video in MP4 format

The hydrodynamic system is based on the interaction of the ball of droplet and the surface of the liquid. The liquid surface is plane. Ball of droplet hits the liquid surface and transfers its energy to the liquid. This energy creates local wave vibrations in fluid. Then the ball of droplet bounces back and hits the liquid surface again. The whole process is repeated repeatedly. Local wave fluid vibrations at the point of the impact exist in time due to the energy of impact of the ball of droplet. Note this point for yourselves.

In 2002, in my work, I described exactly this process. See the part 1 of the work inanimation form. See page 6.



There, in Figure 3 in the form of animation, the same process is shown. In the work, I had asserted that an elementary particle is a wave energy focus, through which the aether of parallel space is passing. See Figure 3 closely, there is the same plane. It shows our physical space. Aether of parallel space is depicted in the form of balls. They pass through plane of our world and transfer their energy to the elementary particle in form wave focus. The difference between my model and a thermodynamic system there is the only. My model replaces multitude of strikes made by one droplet with help plurality of strikes made by balls of aether. Naturally, in my model, the energy is transferred into the wave focus by quanta. Let's return to the hydrodynamic system, which has been shown in the film. Obviously, this system exists in time because of the pumping of energy into the hydrodynamic system. It comes from an external source to the vibrating fluid in bath. If there is no energy flow, there is not local wave in the liquid. Nothing will happen in fluid bath.

By analogy I wrote in 2001 and 2002 in my work, that the elementary particle (micro-object) exists in time due to the pumping of energy of aether of parallel space, which has pressure. Also, I wrote if there disappears pressure of parallel space all matter (fabric) of our world disappears. And this is exactly the same as the models shown in the films. Therefore, the model opens internal essence of nature of time. All we live in time but nobody know “What is time?” Why are we living in present moment of time? Or, maybe you live simultaneously inside the past, the present, and thefuture time. I think it is not. Because of this reason, any travel inside time to the past exists as impossible thing. Maybe it is sad for you but this is truth. However, there is very, very interesting thing, which takes place from this theory and it concern everyone. About this will be written below.

Flow of the time of a particle depends on the amount of energy received by elementary particle. I noticed that all the matter in our world exists only in the actual moment of time between the past and the future. Furthermore, I noted that there is no past and future time. They do not exist. All models, which use time as physical thing, are wrong. In the work, I pointed on the rate of transfer of energy and many other things and got the most important results. My work has explained Einstein's postulates, which he introduced in the special theory of relativity. In the work, I explained the principle of relativity of reference systems. I got a conclusion of Lorentz transformations and proved with help of mathematics that they are legitimate because of the properties of matter. And, I think you know dear reader that all the physical laws of special relativity are automatically obtained on basis of Lorentz transformations.

Appraise these things. They coincide with the thermodynamic system based on the walking droplets. In my book, I have described them in 2001, and in 2002, it was published on the Internet. From all the only conclusion should be. My model gives a clue for experts of quantum physics to develop the theory of the nature of elementary particles to end.

The thermodynamic system of walking droplets has an imitation of nature for the origin of the gravitational force and here is again a complete coincidence of my work with the hydrodynamic system proposed artificially in laboratories. Watch the film offered below.

I have not found the authors of this film on the Internet. Therefore, I apologize to the authors of this film for the lack of mention of them.


Download the video in MP4 format

Now look at the part 1 of the work in animation. On the page 10a, on Figure 10a there is an explanation of the nature of the origin of the gravitational force. Figure 10a shows the animation of the same process that you can see in the film above, which shows a simulation of gravitational force with two walking droplets. But here I'll do a little hint or clarification to the nature of the origin of the gravitational force. It is not connected with the quantum effects of our space. The gravitational force takes place because of the parallel space. This force exists there, and there exists the wave processes associated with gravity. Therefore, they are not strongly affecting the masses of our world.


But my theoretical work shows the ability to create anti-gravity. See Part1, page 10b, Figure 10b. I guess, in the hydrodynamic system, simulation of anti-gravity can be created as well.

Perhaps the reader thinks that all told by me about the nature of the gravitational force is wrong. For now, gravitational waves are open according to Einstein's predictions. However, another physical model can explain the nature of these waves. Physical models based on the space-time cannot give a simple explanation of all forces of nature and elementary particles as a whole. My model is able to do this. One can explain the nature of all forces in a simple form, in total explanation. See the part 1 of my work. It explains the origin of the nature of gravity, Newton's force. Likewise, I can explain the nature of nuclear forces. The explanation may be performed in any manner mathematics or animation. The explanation in the animation will be understandable even to schoolchildren. If the reader has a question, why my work is not published in scientific journals? That answer is simple. First, I live in a country where such issues are not important. Second, in order to be published in World journals I have no money. I cannot even perform professional translation into English. I do the translation with help of dictionary myself. The third problem is censorship in science. Now, science has dictatorship of elected scientists. They made from themselves - untouchable elite. Anyone who is not a member of these elite is ignored and is not recognized. The works that do not belong to elite scientists are not recognized as scientific works. Such situation is done with help of peer review in science, and it is terrible. I lived under the communist regime. Criminal Communist Party of the Soviet Union had had a similar censorship. Now similar situation is set in science around the world. It is a shame for the world of science, but it takes place everywhere. I thought that such a situation is possible only in North Korea, but it turns out on the entire civilized world of science, and it has copied actions of North Korea in order to destruct creativity in science. This is especially true for the theory of relativity. The theory of relativity turned into a dogma or object of worship. Any creative improvement of this theory - is anathema. Your work will be ignored without any explanation. It takes place even if you do not deny the conclusions of the theory of relativity but try creatively to develop this theory to a new level in a new form. In the scientific press, the works, which do not depart from the canons of the theory of relativity, are allowed for press. Millions of work are done in style of canons of theory of relativity. Naturally, the authors of these works do not recognize any innovation in the canons of the theory of relativity. The situation is even more aggravated by disregard of authors because of racial aversion. I experienced it myself and I can say that it takes place as well, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, the theory of relativity has created a situation in physics that may compare with situation that existed in cosmology in middle Ages. At that time, the Earth was considered as a center of universe. For everybody is seemed as correct point of view. Medieval scientists used this conception for successful development of the theory about the motion of planets. They successfully created scientific works and had many scientific "discoveries". Other research papers were ignored, and the authors of such works were subjected to persecution. However, this conception was erroneous and it was subjected to modification. Read in astronomy, the geocentric model (also known as geocentrism, or the Ptolemaic system). Now, we have time when the theory of relativity must be modified too.

Now let me remind you that this model can explain without problems.

-natural essence of electrical field and action of electromagnetic forces. Here, I imply the next thing: what source generates the electrical field and how the electrical force of counteraction acts.

-the model explains thecause because of which exists skewness of the matter of our world, i.e. model explains why positive charged atomic nucleus and negative charged electrons exist.

- laws of thermodynamics

-natural essence of action of nuclear forces and so on.

In addition, I will write a few words about the results that are natural conclusions of this theoretical work. For example, knowledge of the true nature of time makes it possible in the future to begin work on the creation device to slow time a single physical object. The passage of time can be stopped to zero. The theory of relativity gives almost a similar conclusion. However, there is a fundamental difference between my findings and theory of relativity.

First, according to the theory of relativity, effective deceleration of time can be inside of device that moves relative to you at a speed approaching to the speed of light.

My theoretical conclusion says that slowing of time may be made in a device that is relatively motionless, i.e. the device may be located, for example, on Earth.

Second, according to the theory of relativity, we cannot make a flow of time equal to zero. It is impossible, since the material object cannot move with speed of light. And if the speed of light there is not, slowing of time to zero is impossible.

According to my theory, it is possible to realize into a device at rest by stopping the flow of time.

In addition, the theoretical conclusion of my work involves the possibility of creating a negative flow of time for the local physical object.

I hope that in the future it will be possible really to create a device to change the flow of time. It may be used for living beings, including humans. Stopping of time for one person or group of people can preserve their time for a very long time, almost forever. In this case, the living beings will move to the future and they will perceive movement to the future time as one moment of time, and they will not feel this movement inside time. The described device will slow down time without movement in space, as it required by the theory of relativity. That is, the device does not need to accelerate up to the speed of light to stop time there. Application of such a device could be next. For example, now some of the rich people who are sick by incurable disease took euthanasia, froze their bodies for the future with hope descendants were able to revive their and heal. I think the result will be zero. Descendants get samples bodies. Reanimation of the bodies will not be. Using a device that stop stime, we can send live people to the future and cure them in the future.

If such device can create a negative flow of time, perhaps, it can rejuvenate the living object.

(Dear reader, if you look at a mirror and you see the signs of aging of your body and its destruction in the form of wrinkles on the face, on the neck, or may be, you see the decrepitude of own body then you must understand, that time is eating you. Remember that human life is very short. If you are concerned about it, and you want in order to researchers were able to manipulate time in the future. Help me to change the world. The forms of assistance may be various. First of all, it is drawing public attention to my work in any media, the rest I perform myself.)

The next conclusion follows from this theoretical work. It is possible to create the conditions under which the physical object will be pushed out of the gravitational field. That is a physical object will have an antigravity. Adjusts the amount of anti-gravity of such an object, we can immerse the physical object into the gravitational field of any strength. It can float in it like a submarine under the water. See the first part of this work, 10b page. Therefore, the assertion that material object will not be able to escape out of level below the event horizon of a black hole is not true. Theoretically, we can create a device with gravitational attraction that has zero or negative value. Such a device can dive under "event horizon" and this device can emerge from it. Limiting dive for the device below the event horizon will be similar as for the submarine underwater. The depth of dive for submarine is limited by water pressure. It can crush a submarine, if it is to dive below the critical depth. For device that has antigravity, strength of the gravitational field limits its dive depth. If the power of anti-gravity of the device is not enough, the black hole will capture this device and will crush it.

Now I say a few words about the origin of the universe. There is a difference between my model and the standard model of the origin of the universe. According to my model, our space existed long before the appearance of matter in our world. It had and has a certain structure. I know this structure but describe it I will not now. I will do this while my work is not recognized. Matter in our space appeared due to excessive pressure of the parallel space, which began to penetrate into ourspace and to shape matter in our world. This did not occur at one point. This occurred in places where pressure of parallel space has exceeded the critical value.

Run-away of galaxies can be explained by several reasons. One of them must be present and can be explained as follows. I think that in a parallel space, the flows of aether should be. They should influence on the motion of cosmic matter in our universe.

I shall write a few words about the expansion of our space. If this is really, then it is very bad. It says that the pressure of parallel space expands our space. In this case, the prospect for the development of our universe is the only. When extension of our space reaches a critical value, the pressure of parallel space will explode our space, and our space will be destroyed. In this case, in addition to explosion of the matter of our world, the vacuum of our space will have exploded. That is all. In this regard, I can briefly say about the LIGO gravitational wave detector. It is difficult to say for sure that it registers. Maybe it takes a weak manifestation of gravitational waves, or maybe, it registers the crackle of the expanding space of our world under parallel space pressure. The latter takes place most likely. I think over time it will become clear more accurately. Similarly, it can assume that the cosmic microwave background radiation in the universe takes place due to the pressure of parallel space, and this background radiation confirms the presence of existence of parallel space.

In the fourth part of the work, there is a theoretical basis for generating energy from a parallel space. The volume of this energy has tremendous value, because thanks to this energy exists all matter of the universe, and energy of whole universe.

In addition to all that is said, I shall point to conditions of physical experiment at which the theory of special relativity will have failure. Now according to the theory of special relativity, everybody believes that decrease of length of objects at motion has the only relative cause. All executed experiments verified only this condition. Nevertheless, we can exclude the decrease of material object at motion. According to my model, the matter of our world loses ability in decreasing along direction of motion when the neutral matter does not have inertial mass, for example. If we compare the linear sizes of such matter and matter under conventional condition along motion and along perpendicular direction to the motion, we will see difference in sizes. If it takes place, we can use this effect for creation of device, which could determine the absolute motion in universe as a compass.

Also in a few words, I tell about next conclusion. The elementary material object can possibly to move with velocity, which is bigger of speed of light in vacuum in case, when its energy focus does not have property of wave. For neutral micro-object, this takes place when its mass is equal to a zero too. In this case, its energy focus of wave does not stabilize the velocity of the passage of parallel space and the resistance of space will define velocity of micro-object.

Yes, it is a bit about the denial of the existence of absolute space and a few words about of the relativity principle for the systems of reference. Do not believe the dogmatists, which are denying the absolute space. Their argument is the same everywhere. The principle of relativity would be violated in the absolute space. I quickly wrote an impromptu part 3 of the work for the readers poorly versed in the understanding of the principleofrelativity. Read it initially and try to understand the essence of principle of relativity. Do not be afraid and read this part. Then nobody will deceive you by own authority. Remember one thing, scientists who have developed their scientific work on the basis of the theory of relativity and on the basis of it have defended their academic titles - never will accept this work or similar works. They will ignore them. This is done despite the fact that this work does not have fundamental errors. I am sure. Time will pass and there will be scientists who will repeat my results but in a different form, to avoid being accused of plagiarism. But, in this case, all will have delay for the development of physics since I have knowledge that leaves behind of official science for many years. Remember that I had finished the work in 2001.

Dear readers, watch movies, read my theory and you will see a coincidence between them. If you like this work, please write and let's unite our efforts for the development of science to a new level to better understand the world around us.

Understand one thing. Time goes away, but our understanding of the laws of the world barely moves. My knowledge leaves behind conventional knowledge and may accelerate the progress in physics.



1. The part 1 of the work describes the next things:

general properties of elementary particles;

hidden nature of the origin of Newton's force and shows how this force appears;

inner nature of the appearance of energy of mass (material object) at motion;

true nature of gravity;

inner nature of time;

explanation of reason for changes of the flow of time at motion, it proves why the Lorentz transformation formula for the time is truth;

nature of the constancy of the speed of light in inertial reference systems;

2. The part 2 of this work shows:

the proof that Lorentz transformation for the spatial coordinates is true.

3. The part 3 briefly describes the principle of relativity of reference systems for readers poorly understand the essence of this principle.

4. The part 4 of the work reveals:

inner nature of transformation of Newton's force into a relativistic force for the velocity close to the speed of light;

receiving energy from a parallel space.

5. The part 5 of the work gets

new energy balance for soft, inelastic collision of two elementary masses.

new law for balance of the energies of the masses at inelastic collision.


Best regards

Alexander Poshelaev


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